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About Us

      Shenzhen SOLID Technology Co., Ltd. was established  in 2004,It's a high-tech company based on the research and development, specializing in PC-based and embedded motion control, machine vision-related computer hardware and software product development, production, sales and services. We always take "Customer First, product refinement, the pursuit of better" as the goal, independent research and development, win-win cooperation, has introduced a customer satisfaction of productsand automation solutions. Products include measurement, motion control, machine vision and other related and ancillary products;available interface type PCI, PC104, PC104Plus, PCIE, USB, PXI .. now have successfully entered the electro-mechanical, semiconductor, laser machinery, power systems , transportation, textile, printing, medical devices and other applications in dozens of industries.

      Product Innovation - we promote market-oriented business philosophy, customer demand is the direction of our efforts, development and production for customers to save valuable time and costs. All along, we put a lot of manpower and financial resources in innovative products, not only to meet increasing customer demand, also won a good reputation in the market. 

      R & D strength - we have to have a strong R & D team as a central pillar of our business. Over the years stick to the road of independent research and development, the industry one of the few manufacturers with their own core technology; in product differentiation, product customization is included in many of the innovative solutions on technical support issues, are in the marketplace as I am off to pursue a win-win model. 

      OEM / ODM - to meet customer specifications and features for special needs, we can custom tailor to your measurement, motion control, machine vision and other automation and control hardware and software systems, and leg of your business style advisor service! 

Professional services - experienced, well-trained technical support team, by phone, mail, on-site guidance, remote network, etc., year-round to provide you with a comprehensive professional technical service and support; adhering to solve problems for customers, creating value for customers ideas to help customers reduce development risk and shorten product development cycles, improve the competitiveness of your company's products.

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